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1975: Anne Queen (left), former director of the Campus Y at UNC-Chapel Hill, with Lillian Lee. From folder PA-5214/1, in the Anne Queen Papers #5214, Southern Historical Collection.

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So, a lot of your social change does come from the University climate that goes out to the state through its graduates and sustains them, I suppose, by being kind of a bedrock back there that is a constant reference point as you are trying to find your way in your own activities and your own community or in state government or wherever. I think Anne [Queen] was very much a part of that bedrock . . . by and large, the spirit that made the difference. She came from a background, of that made the difference. She came from a background, of course, that made her particularly sensitive to injustices. You know her background was one of poverty, of working in a mill, of deciding to go to college, of finding that opportunity at Berea College . . . She refreshed that spirit in Chapel Hill at a time that I think that it especially needed refreshing.

Interview with Terry Sanford by Cindy Cheatham, 18 December 1990 L-0050, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection.