On Being Interviewed

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1975: Lawyer, feminist, and politician Lucy Somerville Howorth with her husband Joseph M. Howorth. From folder P-4007/G-028, series G.1 Individual Biographies, SOHP Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection.

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Constance Myers: Why is it that you said you were so willing to give of your time in interviews this way?

Lucy Howorth: It’s not giving of time. That is no particular gift at my stage in life, but it is a giving of innermost thoughts, many of which I have never tried to put into words to any other person. Because it seems to me that the times—which always seem to older people and maybe always are—are out of joint. I think the spread of alienation and the attitude of so many people today is that there is no hope . . . Well, if a person can study the life of another person and see that with purpose, with attention to each step and directing it toward the next step and seizing opportunities, and concentration, that person toward the next step and seizing opportunities, and concentration, that person can accomplish a great deal.

Myers: You seem to have your philosophy pretty clearly outlined.

Howorth: Well, I pity the person at eighty who does not.

Interview with Lucy Somerville Howorth by Constance Ashton Myers, 20-23 June 1975 G-0028, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection