Research and Publications

The Southern Oral History Program has created an unparalleled archive of audio recordings documenting life in the twentieth and twenty-first century U.S. South. Today, our archive holds more than 5,300 interviews. Beyond collecting oral histories, the SOHP produces prize-winning publications and documentaries that offer a fresh understanding of the history and culture of the region. Books, documentaries, articles, honors theses, and dissertations by SOHP students and faculty have contributed to Carolina’s status as a leading institution in the study of the South. Researchers and scholars beyond UNC have published works featuring oral histories from the collection on topics ranging from labor unions and recent migration to North Carolina to school desegregation throughout the South. In recent years, the SOHP has embraced emerging technologies to produce digital humanities projects that further engage researchers with oral history. Most notably, Mapping the Long Women’s Movement places oral histories on an interactive map to visualize the historical landscape of the movement captured in these stories.